Note on Spring Clean London

If you haven’t already done it, it’s time you did. Spring is the perfect time to give your home a good spring cleaning. The sun shines on the dust and dirt not only indoors but also outdoors, especially on the windows, and that should be a good indication of how dirt collects even on vertical surfaces! Domestic cleaning need not be a terrible chore if you have been keeping your home relatively tidy all year round, but if you haven’t, it could take you at least a couple of days to get it done. The best way to tackle the task is to make a list, and break it up into bite-sized pieces so that it does not seem impossible! Either work on one room at a time or one task at a time, for example:

Bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, hallways, stairs or Dust, vacuum, polish, disinfect. Personally, I like to work on one room at a time, and complete the chores in the following order: Dust, vacuum (including furniture, mattresses, curtains and other soft furnishings), wipe down blinds and surfaces, wash and dry windows, polish mirrors and pictures, ornaments and other knick-knacks, polish windows with glass cleaner, disinfect in bathrooms. During my main clean in spring, I will usually take down the curtains and have them dry cleaned, together with any cushion covers or other fabrics that need specialist care. You can steam clean some fabrics, but it is not always the best option; check your care labels or ask a specialist’s or the manufacturer how best to treat them. Check This Out on spring clean london before Accessing.

In bathrooms, deal with any limescale on faucets, baths and basins, and shower heads. Check for mildew on all surfaces and treat with bleach or vinegar (or a proprietary fluid), scrub the hard surfaces and grout with a brush, and wipe over with disinfectant. Give the toilet bowl a good clean, leaving toilet cleaner to work for half an hour or so before brushing, then reapply cleaner and leave for as long as possible before flushing. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant and leave to dry.

Also, when you are spring cleaning, don’t forget the outside of the house. Check the gutters for any blockages, wash down the windows and windowsills with soapy water and a sponge and soft brush for the fiddly bits, sweep and clear the driveway and all paths, steps, and porches. Hire or buy a pressure washer to properly clean all stonework (be careful, though, as the high pressure can easily break or crack stones if you’re too brutal with it) and pull out any weeds that this does not remove. Wash and polish the porch and steps if necessary. Finally, once the windows are completely dry, use a soft duster and glass cleaner to make them really shine and let the sun in! Of course, if the above still sounds a bit too much like hard work, you can always get the professionals in. To those who do it for a living, domestic cleaning is a breeze, and they’ll probably take half the time to do it in!