Skiing in Japan-A Closer Look

The Japanese have taken up snowboarding at such breakneck pace that it could soon overtake skiing in popularity. At all times of the year, you can see large scores of people thronging the ski resorts to pursue their hobby. With more than 600 resorts in Japan, it is hard not to notice the sport’s incredible fan base.Locals are not the only ones who have fallen in love with the sport. Foreign tourists have also traveled to Japan to experience its ski resorts and snowboarding there. They enjoy mixing the fun of experiencing a different culture than their own with an exciting sport, while meeting like-minded individuals from other parts of the world.Learn more about at Skiing in Japan ¬†website

Skiing used to be the top winter sport in Japan with its many fans. Snowboarding has taken over that mantle in recent years. It is not difficult to see why, since it is a sport that is popular with the young and fashionable. It might not be easier to pick up compared to skiing, but it is certainly much more exciting to participate in.Tokyo and Hokkaido are two of the most popular snowboarding destinations within Japan. They have some of the biggest and most beautiful resorts found in the East Asian country. There are hundreds more across the large island, but snowboarders of every skill level will be satisfied with what they get from the ski resorts found in these two areas.

Tokyo houses the Iwappara Ski Resort, which you can get to via the Shinkansen train within one and a half hours. Iwappara has perhaps the most number of snowboarder visitors in Japan, mainly due to its easy accessibility from the capital. Many working Tokyo-lites make a day trip to the resort for their weekly snowboarding fix.Hokkaido is a favorite tourist attraction and an even more popular snowboarding destination. It houses the Rusutsu Ski Resort which is still regarded as the biggest area for skiers in the country. However, snowboarders will have to contend with the other visitors who are also there for other activities such as golf and the amusement parks.

Hokkaido’s Niseko Ski Resort is another popular destination for all snowboarders. It has enjoyed tremendous success every year and many fans have voted it as their favorite boarding hotspot to go in Japan. This is mainly due to the top quality snow powder that the area has, making snowboarding a true pleasure.Iwappara, Rusutsu and Niseko ski resorts are all worth visiting if you intend to visit Japan for a snowboarding vacation. There are many others that you can include in your itinerary but the three are must visits for any fan worth his or her salt. You will not leave the country feeling shortchanged after the experience.